The Fireworks Factory - Recordings

The Fist Demo was released in 1984 the band used Drum machine and Keyboards
"Upside Down" was the main track. The Firework's where played on many Irish Radio Stations, mainly Capital Radio.

The Big Brake through came in 1987 with their new singer Gerry Mc Partland AKA (Jayne). The Fireworks recorded their best demo yet. EMI Records were knocking at their doorstep. Some Strange Days, Heaven and Round and Round were re recorded by EMI but never released.

1987 demo cover

main pic 1
Year Tracks
(Main Track)
Produced by
1984 Upside Down Gredge (Origin Studios, Santry, Dublin)
1985 I am Waiting Gredge (Origin Studios, Santry, Dublin)
1986 Station Pat Morrissey (Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin)
1986 Under Glass Paul Thomas & Jacknife Lee (Dame St, Dublin)
1987 Heaven Paul Lacey (Temple Bar, Dublin)