The Fireworks Factory - Band Members

The Original Line Up 1984-1985: Gerry Feehily (Vocals), Dave Drum (Guitar), Alan Hynes (keyboards) & Hugo (Bass).

The Line Up 1985-1987: Gerry Feehily (Vocals), Dave Drum (Guitar), Karl Young (Drums) & Hugo (Bass). 1987-1987 Gerry Mc Partland (Vocals).

Where are the Band Members Today?

Karl Young

Karl Young now lives in Spain, he Designs Stain Glass Windows, he still plays the Drums in a local band.

Gerry McPartland
Dave Drum
Dave Drum, now lives in Redding UK
and is the Guitar player in the
Goth band Vendemmian.
Hugo Hugo, now lives in Ireland,
still playing Bass and Guitar.