In 1984 The Fireworks Factory recorded their first Demo "Upside Down" & in 1985 "I am Waiting" both received much Irish airplay. With their sound of DM Roland TR 707 & Synth keyboards.

In 1986 The band recorded a Four track Demo which included the classic track "Station". They introduced a drummer Karl Young to the fold, giving a harder edge sound. They toured all over Ireland to promote their new demo.

Again in 1986 The band recorded a Three track Demo "Under Glass" which was produced by Paul Thomas (Engineer on U2's Boy Album) and Jacknife Lee (who now produces REM & U2).

In 1986 the band went on tour to promote "Under Glass" they toured the UK and supported the Thomson Twins.

Firework pic1

In 1987 The band changed singers "Gerry Mc Partland" joined the fold and brought a fresh new style to the Fireworks Factory and with a new manager Stephan Bannon, the Fireworks were Alive 'N Kicking again.
The band recorded one of their best demos, a three track which included Heaven, Round and Round and Some Strange Days which EMI Records came knocking on their door and payed for the band to fly to London to re record those songs. After some ups and downs with EMI no deal was signed and the band split up in early 1988.